Let's learn about Mardin.

  • Mardin is the 2nd city, of which structural position has not deformed so far after Venice in the World,
  • İs a 1600-year-old temple,  of which nation warmed themselves around the brazier fire using a kind of mechanism called Kürsü in ancient times.
  • Used ash, clay and soil to clean the kitchenware in ancient times.
  • Secured tehir independence with tehir bright spark not by making war.
  • The first university education was at the Kasim Pasha Madrasah.
  • That Mardin Museum had been used as a patriarchate later on as an election building, cooperation building, health care center and centeral police station than turned to a museum.
  • That silver handwork is the center workplace in Turkey and
  • This kind of handwork is called Telkari in local language.  
  • That the meal culture was inspired by that of the French's.
  • Among the Sassanid commenders,
  • Mardius built up the city, seems like a necklace at nights,

One should visit Mardin where religions and sects are collated together,in order to see the place of stone in people's heart and how people's hands reshape the stone. The climate is severe and terrestrial. Summers are quite dry and hot, winters are cold and snowy, so let yourself live the beauties of Mardin near the end of the summers. Mardin is a really enchanting city with its architecture, social life, culture and the city itself. It is an ideal place for a cultural tour with not only its centrium but with its surrounds.  Mardin is a real city of museums. The city, placed down on a hill castle consists of two parts, as New Mardin and Old Mardin. On the declaration of the whole rest of the city to be the protected area towards the end of the 60s, new buildings were prohibited to be constructed. At first hand, the important places in the centrium, houses, madrasahs, churches and then boroughs, containing a wide area initially The Deyr-ul Zafaran Monastry, Dara Ruins, Midyat, Nusaybin and Hasan Kehf should be visited. The world center of the Assyrianism, Deyr-ul Zafaran, with its water cisterns Dara and few of the living archeological places in the world Hasan Kehf if added, Mardin remains the best places to be visited.  One can have a short 15-20 min. long city tour walking from the beginning to the end. It has just one way traffic road. Mardin is like a 16th century city while stepping the streets.  You can contact us via contact information link when you decide to see Mardin.



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